Hey Gamers! This week we shift gears and introduce season two of the Fold. lots of changes on the horizon. We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride and anticipate things becoming […]

We love our new bumper and wanted to share with the world. http://www.thefoldpodcast.com/images/foldlogobumper.mp4

Greetings! This week we run down PAX East and then dive into patch1.17. Hope everyone is enjoying the show and thanks for listening.

Hey YO! this week is actually about nothing (everything) we dunno. hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. thanks for listening. -Chuck

Heyo Gamers! This week we catch up on the lore and talk about Alpha III lore Daisy Daisy! Small Child drops in for a viking moment! and we talk about […]

HeyO! This week we discuss the renewed love affair with the game coming from Battle Royale and also we have a lively debate about solo draft mode! Some big announcements […]

Hey Yo! Do you like vikings? then get in here!┬áChuck some how manages to turn VG into a viking friendly romp through Valhalla! You’ll just have to listen! oh and […]

Hey YO! This week we talk about running a small tournament, the new lore and Draft mode all from the Fold perspective. Hope you enjoy! -Chuck

Hey YO! This week two guild members stop by and lend a hand after Exceptions deserted me for the Live Championships. We talk some VG and general Guild stuff. Thanks […]